Dr. Dilaawar (Danny) Mistry

Dr. Dilaawar (Danny) Mistry, MD, MS, ATC, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, a Certified Athletic Trainer, and has a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Mistry provides comprehensive, evidence-based, primary and sports medicine care for recreational and elite athletes, including a focus on integrative management of concussion and traumatic brain injury. His goal is to promote preventative health and wellness programs and to develop community educational programs to enhance health and athletic performance.

He is a National Team Physician for USA Swimming, Chair of the Concussion Task Force for USA Swimming, is a Board Member of the Colorado MINDSOURCE Brain Injury Network, and past Chair of the Concussion Task Force in Grand Junction, Colorado. As part of his passion for teaching locally and nationwide, he also teaches Sports Medicine to the residents at the Family Medicine Department, UC Health, Fort Collins.

Nicole Crawford

Nicole Crawford, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and school psychologist.  Nicole has nearly 20 years of experience in the schools and with the Colorado Department of Education completing neuroeducation assessments, supporting school staff and working with children who have a variety of learning and social needs. Nicole provides evaluations for the identification of learning, attention and behavioral disorders as well as autism spectrum disorder, brain injuries or other neurocognitive influences on the brain. Nicole understands the importance of a thorough assessment that provides an understanding of underlying cognitive needs to help guide in intervention planning.

Karen McAvoy

Karen McAvoy is dually credentialed as a clinical psychologist and school psychologist. She practiced in Cherry Creek School District for 20 years. Karen was the school psychologist at Grandview High School when Jake Snakenberg passed away from “second impact syndrome”.  As a result, she authored R*E*A*P – a community-based Interdisciplinary Team approach to concussion management used in many Colorado school districts and customized for 10+ states (

After directing the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Center for Concussion for 7 ½ years, Karen moved to Ft Collins where she privately consults with school districts to manage the Return to Learn (RTL) components of concussion management using the materials. She also continues to be a brain injury consultant for the Colorado Department of Education.

Dr McAvoy and Dr Mistry work closely together at the Aasha Brain Clinic to provide comprehensive treatment for adults and students with acute concussion.

Kristee Jones

Kristee Jones is an educational diagnostician who provides educational assessments for students struggling to learn at the academic pace as their same age peers. She also provides remediation for children and adults with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Kristee began her journey in education in 1999 when she graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in elementary education and started her first teaching job in inner city Houston. Over the next nine years, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Educational Human Resource Development and certification as an Educational Diagnostician. She then continued serving in the public schools working closely with IEP teams to identify students with learning disabilities and provide recommendations for research-based interventions to improve learning. In addition, Kristee served as an IEP Specialist for a special education cooperative training teacher’s in the IEP development process. It is her passion to assist families in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of struggling learners, to provide educational services to improve learning and to help navigate the school system to coordinate services.

Colorado Brain Recovery

Colorado Brain Recovery is a specialized speech and language pathology practice that focuses on higher level cognitive rehabilitation as well as training executive functioning skills. We help patients who have suffered from cognitive changes (e.g., memory impairment, word finding difficulties) by teaching functional strategies as well as providing remedial tasks to improve any area of deficit. We also provide academic support for students, addressing various aspects of the writing process, syllabus interpretation, and time management.

Colorado In Motion

Colorado In Motion is a multi-specialty physical therapy, occupational therapy, and industrial wellness health care partner in northern Colorado. The team of specialists have advanced training in postconcussion and whiplash associated disorders including vestibular rehabilitation, cervicogenic headaches, balance disorders, and persistent pain. The therapists are dedicated to providing valuable hands-on care that focuses on the unique needs of each patient and delivered in a caring supportive manner.




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